‘Be Yourself’ My Ass

Be yourself they said.. what kind of fuckery is that.. in this era of idiosyncrasy the word ‘be yourself’ being thrown around very easily among us young-jedi.. Now let me ask your individualism ass: what define yourself..

Because let me tell you dude that to used the word ‘be yourself’ mean that you need to know who the fuck you really is. Now me personally had went through a deep research about who am i till the point i became easily anxious and existentially disfigured. And it all because i try so hard to define the real nature of human life… You on the other hand throw that “just be yourself bruv” bullshit on my face like you had went through the first phase of the word. How can you throw that word so mindlessly when you can’t  even explain to me who you really are and what really defined (you)…

and M.Nasir sings:

Dalam kalut ada peraturan,

Peraturan cipta kekalutan;

Dimana pula kau berdiri,


Moreover, let me tell you the real problem.. Let just say that being yourself meant that just doing whatever you want to do.. i’m pretty sure this is what all of you punks really mean by that word. Do you believes that the world would be better without the rule and social order that we have this day. Imagine the amount of number of rapey and crime that would happened if this hedonistic idea is being applied to the whole human civilization. I’m down with this nihilistic bullshit but are you really ready to face this impending post apocalypse world when you yourself flip off at the thought of someone stealing your shit.

you might say “fuck off dude, we still be ourselves but it still fall upon the social dogma. No rapey or oppressing anyone”….

Well well dude, aren’t that mean that you are the same as everyone else in this world. That cop that you see on the street yesterday is also being himself. The desperation for money cause them to have that job. What about that bastard Ustaz preacher that pushing us around with their dogmatic ideology.. He himself choose to abide to God’s will.. He is being himself..That rich capitalist bastard take your money just because he want to.. he is indeed a free individual in a free market enterprises. Everyone around you have their own way of living but at the end of the day they still being themselves. If it is then what is the point of saying that useless ‘be yourself’ word.. it’s like teaching them on how to breath.

Jadilah diri sendiri? fakoff punks!!!



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