“Shit! The KRU Gayness is intense Yo!”said my older Brada

fullscreen-capture-192017-94231-am-bmp[Carpe Diem] Back when I was (probably) 6 years old this KRU song was the most brutal shit ever in my life. It all changed when my older brader laugh at me for listening to such ‘ sissy n gay’ music.

That was (still probably.. cannot really remember) the moment that I started to idolized everything that my brother did (all in order to look manly i guess). I still remember worshiping this one particular tape. That tape introduced me to bands like Muse,Slipknot, Korn, Linkin Park etc (you know, typical 00’s alt rock) and the song Wait n Bleed used to make me jump up and down the stairs back then.



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