Trypophobia Newsletter

The idea for the creation of the Newsletter arises from the lack of good literature in Malaysian Punk Rock scene. By creating a free and easily distributed piece of paper it does not just help to promote Trypophobia zine but also to provide a new way of thinking in this already dogmatic punk rock scene.

Surely there’s a challenged that were needed to be considered when making this. For a 60 pages zine you can just play along and write shit as suck-y as it may get but for a one pages a4 paper you really need to be a lil bit considerate. -kenot la bro main tulis haram jadah macam dalam zine-. So more attention is being put in each passages to make it sound a lil bit genius.. The issue that had being bring is also move towards a more general critics of our daily life because face it dude.. most of these young punks does not enjoy reading.. This theme will attract more general readers outside of the punk community and will also perhaps attract them to join and wrote a newsletter themselves.



Instruction on how to fold yer newsletter


Trypophobia Newsletter First Issue


Trypophobia Newsletter First Issue

As of Jan 2017 i’m still not finished with the 2nd issue of the newsletter. Malas ah sedara


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