Interrelation of Absolute and Absurd.

If anything that i had learned from all of those religious classes that i’d went too all of this year is that when it comes to explaining or researching on something we must first understand the literal meaning behind those word;

Absolute: (not qualified or diminished in any way; total) or (viewed or existing independently and not in relation to other things; not relative or comparative)

Absurd: (wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate) or (arousing amusement or derision; ridiculous)

now, i’m quite ngantuk right now so i gonna wrote this quick and retype it back when i’m rajin again so i gonna wrote it quite tunggang langgang.

Absolutism required a teaching that required you to believes. To believes on an idea and to put your trust on truth blindly thus creating an absurd human (an unreasonable man) . And i personally believes that absolute and absurd is corresponding with each other. Being foolish is the key fundamental to mold a perfect religion (hence the term ‘slave tod master’ and ‘sheep to shepherd’ in both Quran and Bible respectively) . And that’s why try to advocate the absurdist idea because by knowing how faktab the human relatives perspectives are we will then choose to follow religion.

It’s kinda like the nihilism approach that use ‘frustration of truth’ as its key doctrine but instead of not believe anything we choose to believe in one absolute truth blindly -a lazy form of frustration. Blast, if only prof not suck at grammar prof probably have already written a book by now.

So to summarize this: the key study to these issue that i’m trying to goreng is the interrelation between the word ABSURD and ABSOLUTE. It’s still in it’s early stages. What good are we may get from this:

1] To understand the nature of human and it’s virtue

2]To create an idea of ‘religious sympathy’ (wordplay from Nazi Sympathy -ngantuk ni) in this secular world that seems to reject higher being value.

3]To give man’s his own virtue (kinda like the 3 suicide of Camus and this is the Philosophical Suicide) and real focus in life

4]To bring back the old systems of internalize Survaillance.

5] i don’t know.. i’m really sleppy right now..


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