Benzoate [the UK82 ] Interview

I remember my first time seeing Benzoate live show. It was during The Bollocks Released Party Gig at Rumah Api. Benzoate play an early set on that day and the hall were pretty much empty (10-12 person top- lupa pulak) when they performed. Anyway, it was a typical local gig  atmosphere in which bukan setakat band je fatang lambat but also the crowd as well. me and Oli were hisap rokok kat tepi when they started play and shit it was UK82 as fuck. For someone that got into punk from that kind of music that shit is a masturbation to my ears.If only there’re more crowd on that exact time surely i would throw my precious rokok and pogo the shit out of my sober head on that hall.. To summarize that night show: Fight Field delivered a very goodshit performances on that night (remind me of RATM), The Garrisons set were a lil bit of a let down and it was only when The Bollocks (freaking legendary band) started to play that the crowds would finally storm the hall but still Benzoate performances is the one that steal the performances on that day because this is the probably the first time that i actually listened to a decent UK82 local band -i might be wrong as i myself rarely when to gig but i assured you that most of the hardcore band that i’d watch were either Scandinavian or NYHC influenced band. UK82? if you don’t know what the fart is UK82 then freaking Google it dude cause UK82 comprised a major part in Hardcore Punk development. Anyway, here is an interview that i’d done with this band for the first issue of Trypophobia back in late 2015..

Ed: editor     B: Benzoate (Akim Halim as the representative)


The old school hardcore punk band Benzoate from Nilai is a no laughing matter for us at Trypophobia. This dudes kill it with their strong influences of UK82 styles. Always giving their best during shows with their intense riff and drums beat. They play fast as fuck. Here is the interview that we’d done with them. Enjoy..


Ed: Salam Benzoates, first of all please introduces yourself . The band members and since when does Benzoates is formed.

B: wslm and hello, okay first of all Benzoate are me; Akim Halim (bass/vocal), Yadd (drums) and Faes Tumin (guitar/vocal). we started in 2008 i guess from Nilai dead city but now we based in KL, and only me remain the only original line up.the rest went missing somewhere already since 2012 hahaha… I couldn’t say that this is one man band since Faes used to be a fan boy to us hahaha not really,he’s good friend of mine and used to follow where we used to play somewhere in KL. And Yad,i met him during our 1st gig back in 2009 and i used to play with his project band called O.S.A consists member of Fight Field.


from left: Faes Tumin (guitar/vocal), Yadd (drum) and Akim Halim (bass/vocal)

Ed: I loves Benzoates old school hardcore punk styles. It just raw and fast like those old days eras of UK82. What are the influences for your guys when it comes to making music?


Ed: EFF YEAH dude, Lilly Allen is a brilliant grrrl indeed. .

B:Thanks.. mmmm….we love UK82 and 80’s Hardcore so much, another thing that get us along together were three of us love Thrash Metal too! but that was only a common interest towards us,individually i put my interest in  another genre for example i love Soundgarden and Lily Allen soooo much! hahaha some of us really into Glam Metal thingy, Hip-Hop; but things that really get us along were both UK82 and 80’s Hardcore. went it came to the band that influence us in writing to name a few were GBH,Chaos UK,Blitz, Disorder,Misfits (1977-1983),Black Flag,Minor Threat, Gang Green, Bad Brains with few blend of Thrash Metal like Slayer and Early Metallica…and MOTORHEAD!!!! of course! if people ask why,im getting sick with hardcore kids who never listen to old school hardcore and self claim the metallic sound was the real hardcore…C’mon..i dont even really care if people not really into our music,we sucks big time anyway

Ed: One problematic thing that had always occurs to me when it comes to fast music is I can’t really grasp what the singer sings. Till this day I can’t really understand half of the songs by Doom. The only thing that I can hear is the chorus line.haha. Do you think this may affect the message that you want to portray through your music.

B: DOOM is GOOOOOOOOD maaaaaan,i saw them last year!!! hahaha went it came to giving a message towards music,it could be in any form as long as the lyrics stands for something. doesn’t matter if you sings like dead people or something, this is why you have to buy the band you can read the lyrics instead of download it on internet..but i could say usually band will always introduce and elaborate what’s the songs about. for example,grindcore band..i bet you will not understand any single of the word,but few bands may introduce what’s the song all about.

Ed: As one of the new generation of local punk how did you see the local DIY scenes nowadays. Most ‘old peoples’ always said that the punk scenes nowadays are sucks unlike the 90’s when the punk first boom to the scenes. What is your view on that?

B:2016 getting near,let’s move forward then.. hahaha well,the DIY is getting better in my opinion…IF! you have the passion,few people they always talk and talk and talk and do nothing. and gossiping too! for those who about to spreading your idea or anything that could benefit yourself and others,please..keep on doing it, and don’t give a fuck to those old man who always keep on recycling their CM stories, 90’s gig bla bla bla…the thing is where are you now,have you contribute anything? i don’t believe in senioritas, when it came to the scene please leave your stupidity,KLMJ minded, at home. so far, I’ve seen the locals band getting better in releasing their materials, local distros,local hoping things like this getting better in future. GO !!!!!

Ed: Being DIY make it is hard for people to noticed any existence of new materials. I’d many friends who really interested in this kind of music but because of the hardship of finding this kind of materials they end up turning to trendy metal/hardcore band. What is your advice for this young boys and lads that really want to know more about the music in DIY scene?

B:by looking for the new materials or releases, you should get in touch with local distros and DIY record store like Basement Record Store, Tandang Record Store (to name a few)…well,sometimes you have to work extra hard in searching those local releases…as long you’ve put your interest in it,go support the band who played at the gigs…ask them personally if they selling any releases,merch or phone number…whatever… don’t worry,they won’t bite. they’re not your discipline teacher lah…if they judge you by the appearance,well fuck them. keep on doing what you love, go make a friend..say hye to people,but don’t ask too many silly questions or end up people will try to avoid you. please…2017-10-1-20-05-29

Ed: Lately the local scenes had been shocked by the tragedy on our local DIY spaces The Wall (JB) and Rumah Api (Ampang). As a band that had a strong connection with those venue what is your reflection on that particular events. (Rumah Api raid and The Wall arson both in 2015)

B: Im quite sad to react with both of my favourite venues had to face so many difficulties lately,but FYI the Wall and Rumah Api are back in business the time im writing this,the Wall making a free gig tonight…Rumah Api? my favourite place to hangout, i could say we also play there like once a month? we even recorded our recently releases in there for our upcoming 7 inch split with Black Demons (the Wall) and the rumah api/the wall compilation CD. go get them,the CD’s really good if you want to check out what is going around in Malaysia hardcore/punk scene…however,whatever it is im putting my support and always giving some loves to both venues…they’re one of the  only hope to the DIY locals scene to keep on alive until today,the strong bond has been proved in recent years..

Ed: And the ending cliché to every interviews. Anything that you want to add. Will you be releasing any materials in the mere future?

B:last but not least, we about to release our 7inch split vinyl with Black Demons that will be  release by Basement Records maybe end of this year or early 2016,i don’t know…we see how.. we have 1 unreleased track with 1 track from the split that has been released in the compilation CD “penentangan berterusan….suara dari rumah api dan the wall” released by few labels like nervhous records, youth crime recordings…so you can get in touch with these two labels or any local distros who bought the future maybe we would love to tour somewhere and if you want to get in touch please don’t stop to annoy us by stream to our site Benzoate bancamp or contact us via Benzoate FB





okay, tu je kot. nanti daku rajin daku edit sikit2.. baru habis final exam petang tadi. mau rilek jap


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