taken from Trypophobia Zine first issue.images (1)

Punk literally means ‘worthless persons’..


The terms punk itself meant to be hurtful. Most purists tends to stand on this nonsense ‘punk’ terms and try to do everything to keeps that label of punk on that spot. “you are not punk bruh”.  For me this terms has been used so wide that the word punk itself doesn’t really subscribe to what it should be. The surrounding societies also seems to have their own definition of what is punk. Most people when ask about punk would say that punk is the gang with Mohawk, leather jacket and safety pins.

A close family of mine also once said that punk is the gang who breaks cars window and steals. That sucks. yes I know that why should we give a fuck about what peoples said to us but it sucks when someone saws the sex pistols patches on my jacket and associates me with as a drunk boys who steals or though that I’d known every guys who has a leather jackets from their hometown. Among the punk community itself i will also being asked me on what type of groups of punk that I belong to : Crust Punk, Skate Punk, Anarcho Punk, Nazi Punk. Shit, I’d never thought about that in my life, I just want to be my own self . human life moves in a progressive ways. Yesterday I may like punk rock and tomorrow I’ll maybe listened to post rock bands , who knows human minds can changes. Putting myself in a certain type of norm is as equivalent to putting myself into another whole set of authority. It creates social pressure and totally wipe away that sense of individualism  from the term due to all of the stereotypes of this world. That suck dude. we should give a new terms to this movement.

Image result for fuck meme

If there’s any other word that also has the same nature as punk it is ‘fuck’. Nowadays the word ‘fuck’ is being used in every aspect of life. It can literally be described as everything from pain, hate, anger, love and happiness. Try to put the word ‘fuck’ in any sentences and you’ll be amazed at how flexible that word is. It is the most beautiful words that describe who punk at its early stage. The word fuck itself is a very common word among punk because what is a better way to describe punk than ‘don’t give a fuck’ right.

the beauty behind the transparencies of the word fuck is amazing..

So dude, i believed that punk should now be called as fuck. think about it, punk itself literally means being a worthless peoples so what is the harms of calling ourselves as a fucker instead of punker right. At least people now would know how worthless we’re. Punk is not about being beautiful to the whole world. If some purist wants to label you as posers you should not fell ashamed of that, it is what you’re and you don’t give a fuck. Punk is fuck. Crust fuck!! Do you see how beautiful it is? Label sucks. So put away all of that fancy punk label of yours and just don’t give a fuck. Destroy stereotypes. That middle finger of yours should be put high in the middle of the sky for other people to see your irregularities from the society norm. fuck!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!



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