We’re very committed with our slogan. (do not fear irregularities). Because of that we think we should started this issue by debunking on the most controversial yet so silly issue in which any subcultures would have. Made in Malaysia for punks from all over the world. We present to you:


Lo, I teach you the Poseurism!

The Poseurism is the meaning of the earth. Let your will say: The Poseurism SHALL BE the meaning of the earth!

I TEACH YOU THE POSEURISM.  Punk is something that is to be surpassed. What have ye done to surpass Punk?


People had been asking me what kind of punk I was. Am I a crusties, straight edger, anarchist, pyrate punkers or any other bullshit label that punk have. I’m sick of all of it. I choose to not obey in any particular subculture. I choose to be a poser instead. So let this be clear: I am a poser punk..

The Dawn of New Age

A great fellas had been proposing to me that I’m a poser just because I’m no longer listening to some punk rock bullshits– usually I never give a fuck about this kind of thing but to hear this kind of thing from him: I got to admit that it surprised me. So I guess I’m indeed a poser because this degenerate has a band while the only contribution that I can give to the punk scene is this one holy scripture to you. I will never ‘make it big’ in the scene. Oh holy lord.. I’m a poser indeed. It is a freakin dilemma, I do not want to be a poser but at the same time I do not want to abide to his law. So what is the solution for me.. I guess it is time for me to embrace this label and start this whole journey of poseurism by my own. Now let me introduce you to the world of poseurism, an old word that had being used in punk since the beginning of this civilization but never been spoken to the world and embraces. I see a new future coming to us. A world of poseurism shall receives it respect from now on. Introducing the old refurbished ideology in Punks: The Poseurism manifesto…

What? A  True Punk? I Can Only See an Actor of His Own Ideal.

A long unanswered question about punk. What is punk and what is needed in order to be a punk. I was scrolling through some of the zine archives in the koleksizine.blogspot and I noticed there’s some zine that proposed a statement that ‘Malaysian punks are not a true punks’. It is an interesting question really. What make a ‘true punk’. What or who is the definite sources to the true way of being a ‘punk’. Is it Sid Vicious or the Crass. If we need to follow every goddamn Crass ethos does that mean Darby Crash isn’t a punk. It was a really great question to be asked. Is wearing an anarchy patch make you a true punk. Does smoking and drinking a beer make you a true  punk. I’d spent a very long time to find this answer and considering my low involvement in the punk scene and my ‘budak-budak baru nak up/newbie’ status I do not think I had the answer to it.

I had wrote two short article about it in the 1st issue of Trypophobia (what is punk & Judy is a fuck) and the conclusion that I’d derived from those two articles is punk is about tolerance between one another with our differences and punk is nothing more than a four letter word that really meant nothing more than a hurtful word (check it in dictionary dude, Punk means being a worthless person). And so I proposed that a punk should be call as a FUCK instead as to remind us that being a punkers (or Fuckers) is nothing more than being worthless assholes in this society that we’re living in. A disposal garbage to what the consumerism had lead to. That exist as a reminder how wrong the government and society had lead their way..…

But that ain’t the solution to it. Punk had evolved and the word punk ain’t no longer mean being a worthless degenerate anymore.. Besides, no one seems to be willing to embraces the word ‘Fuck’ that I’m proposing– This is the era of noble-ness I guess. There’re some dogma that had being laid in punk. A street rule on how to become a real punk.. Other than that you’re a poser.. O holy lord, what the world had becomes.. All we want is to have fun and entertain ourselves but this elitist comes in our way…

adventavit asinus

pulcher et fortissimus.

(In came the ass )

 (beautiful and very strong)

All over the world these days, the problem “of the real and the apparent punk” gets taken up so eagerly and with such acuity. What is the solution. As a man of faith we shall pray to god for the answer…..

Image result for Nietzsche art

the dude

During my spiritual journey in the realm of the death I’ve managed to conduct an interview with Friedrich Nietzsche. When being asked by me regarding my idea for poseurism he said

Once blasphemy against (punk) was the greatest blasphemy; but (punk) died, and therewith also those blasphemers. To blaspheme the earth is now the dreadfulest sin, and to rate the heart of the unknowable higher than the meaning of the earth

Punk is Dead

Image result for crass

Yes that’s right, punk is dead. It’s just another cheap product for the consumers head… punk become a movement because we all felt lost, but the leader sold out and now we  all pay the cost-Crass-punk is dead

And the great Crass had answer our prayers. The greatest punk band that had ever existed in the universe: Crass had teach us that punk is nothing more than a dead culture. It was never a revolution or fight for working class. From the 70’s CBGB to the McLareen Sex Pistols, it was just another form of entertainment medium when it was first being introduced to the crowd. It was never about being an anarchist or putting your middle finger to ‘the man’. Punk had always being a form of entertainment. But do not be feared dear readers as Karl Marx himself said:

art is always and everywhere the secret confession, and at the same time the immortal movement of its time.

Punk is surely a forms of art movement and had leaves some scar to the world that we’re living in nowadays.

Manifesto of Poseurism

A spectre is haunting the Punk scene-the spectre of Poseurism. All the powers of old Punk scene have entered into a holy alliance to exercise this spectre:Crust Punk, Pyrate Punk, Anarcho Punk, Straight Edger and even Skinhead…

To be a true punk’ is not the way that you should be striving. No longer we shall fill our mind with this superficial label. It seems like being a punk now had meant to be a another complete forms of classification. And  Tyler Durden word shall be the biggest inspiration to all of you punk wannabe out there:  

I say never be complete, I say stop being perfect, I say let’s evolve, let the chips fall where they may.

From this day onward no more shall we call someone who we doesn’t seems  fit to be a punk as poser because poseurism is a choices. Poseur is no longer a label that deserves hate but more of a gateway for you to get out of your particular interest.

Thou, I teach you the  Poseurism!

To be a poser mean to free yourselves from all the dogma in punk. To be free from the rule that had being holding your lust for joy.

One important thing about poseurism is that a poseur does not abide to any rule. He free from all label and has the freedom to follow any trends that comes toward him as he believes that human experiences is the one that lead him toward happiness not the integrity of a man. Some would say that poseur is a plastic  but do not be fear my fellow readers as plastic is also an integral part in civilization. You’re simply just abiding the mother nature..


Humans is known for their needs for some association or also known as label. And let me introduced you to the labyrinth of poseurism. The world of ‘label’ in poseurism consisted of two doors. The first door is the door  in which you subject yourself into some forms of label but in truth: you just being ‘seorang munafik/hypocrite’. For instances: calling yourself an anarchist when the only shit that you know about anarchy is from the Sex Pistols’s song Anarchy in The UK. But do not be worried dear reader because this is what poseurism meant to be. To embraces denseness, freedom and intellectual discourses at the same time. To make you realize that eventhough you do not know shit about the thing you label yourself you can still embraces your retardation to the whole world. You call yourself as a crusties but do not know jack shit about Crass or Chumbawamba, you even doesn’t even bother to give any fuck about it; in the world of poseurism we considered you as a cool poser.

On the second door is the path where you’re free from all of the label that had been proposed to you. In this door you shall openly admit that you’re a poser punk and create your own order be it by combining different ethos from different subs and ideology or just by simply design your own rule from the basic.

What door shall you choose my dear readers is up to you…  the only person that’s going to decide is you and you hold the key to freedom..

And now I free you from the rule that had kept holding onto you…

You can now pursue on the thing that you had interest in. this would mean you can compile some particular aspect from different subculture to form a new set of individualistic rule that you see fit. Wear some bomber jacket, shave your head and wear a pair of DM and listened to some The Carpenters or Broadcast (it was not a guilty pleasures for you as you’re not a skinhead. You’re simply copying the look for the sake of ‘fashion), talked about how being a consumers is cool-no one shall judge you but the ‘true’ punk themselves. Screw them, poser punk is the despiser of all label, they created their own distinctive label that they see fit. They simply put a label just to piss the one who hate to be piss..

Read about anarchism while still admiring Darby Crash fascist view.

You shall no longer need to have the same opinion as your fellow mate. You can speak out your deepest desire and thought.

No longer shall you be a closet ‘everything’ cause you’re a free individuals.. Katy Perry and Justin Bieber.. Fuck yeah dude, just listen to it till your eardrum burst.. The poseurism teach you to realized that we are nothing but an actor to this whole thing that we call as life and by that we I teach you to ‘act’ freely as you desires..

After all this, do I really need to add that they will be free, very free spirits, these philosophers of the future – and that they certainly will not just be free spirits, but rather something more, higher, greater, and fundamentally different, something that does not want to be misunderstood or mistaken for anything else? -Friedrich Nietzsche, -Beyond Good & Evil-


Of Benefits and Dogma

What is the benefit of becoming a poser, well my brader and sistur in poseurism there’ll no rule that shall contain you. You’re free from all rule, law and dogma that had being proposed to you. You can wear a band shirt that you barely know of. You do not need to be worried if someone spew some harsh word to you for wearing a tshirt that you barely know.. So what are you waiting for kids. go buy that awesome Joy division shirt and Rolling Stones shirts. It’s okay if you don’t know who the hell is Ian Curtis or never listened to She Lost Control.. As long as you look cool and feel happy with yourself its fine.

Mix you cool ass leather jacket with bands from a whole different genres. Put a Napalm Death patches with a simple plan patches on the place. Trust me dude. Your leather jacket would be freakin awesome.

You can go to some Straight Edge concert while hallucinating on LSD and weed. It is not an etiquette problem for you anymore because you’re a poser. A poser proposed his own rule on himself. A way he see fit to him. No seniority or street law shall hold onto him. And he shall only follow it if he see the benefits of following that superficial law.

A ‘true punk’ can’t beat you because if they did then they also need to beat all other normal human being in the universe as you have being declaring that you’re indeed a poser punk. You only being a free man (or womyn) that try to do what you love. All hail freedom bro!!

From this day onward no more shall we call someone who we doesn’t see fit to be a punk as poser because poseurism is a choices. Poseur is no longer a label that deserves hate but more of a gateway for you to get out of your particular interest.

So is being a poser is a full time commitment. Off course la not brader, this is just a gateway for you to be free and move onward from the boring stereotype that you’re living.. You can be a poser for 5 minutes or your whole life. When you want to be a ‘true punk’ then be it. Human will never have a fix opinion. It is experiences that help you to move onwards. Be a progressive human being.. Let the experiences guides you to your fullest potential.. Do not let commitment holding you down. So what if being a punk is just a phase for you. As long as it benefits you then let it be a phase.

The main joy in poseurism is that you can piss other ‘true punkers’. To piss punks is one  of the main objectives in this movement besides freeing you all from the label-and let this be a reminder to them that when all poser unite we will turned into a Martian, Woo! O! O!. writer blocks, fuck!! To much redundancies already.  Let just end this shit..


What can be expected when you’re a poser punk. There’ll come a time in your life that someone will proposed to you that being a poser is dumb. I say screw them. Keep hold into what you believes in and most importantly try to get hard (not that ‘penis hard’ la pervert, I meant about being a tough person). Be a strong person and do not embraces the culture of stereotyping. I am he and she is she but you’re the only you…


If You’re Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough, when you get knock down you got to get back up. -Roger Alan Wade-


the original A4 print format. do print it out if you want. Refer this link for how to fold it.

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