taken from the second issue:

Taqwacore is a movie that was based from Micheal Muhammad Knight novel with the same title. For me the movie is the most probably the second best fictional punk movie ever made (off course SLC Punk is the best). It just too crazy to think that something as rebellious as Punk can be combined with the a submissive and obedience faith like Islam. The thought of imagining such thing would exist is already too fukkin ludicrous and ho-ho-holy shit someone actually turned it into a movie. If this shit doesn’t made into you top 5 punk movie then seriously there’s something wrong with you.

So this movie is about a fictional subs called ‘taqwacore’ in which Punk and Islam combined. The story start with this muslim name Yusof that moved into a place that is a more ‘muslim friendly’ (supposedly his old place was filled with godless roommate).  Little did he know that the building that he moved into is actually a punk squat for this ‘taqwacore’ punks and thus the lifestyle of Yusof as a typical muslim slowly changed as he gets along with the fellows punk. That’s it bro. watch it if you want to know more.. What’s great about this movie is how they combined peopled from different subs-punk like queercore, riot grrrl, straight edge, stoner punk and even skinhead into this taqwacore thingy (and here you can see how each one of them try to combined punk and religion into their own set of believes).


now that is one diverse group of punk.

Yup, the formula for combining punk and religion into their own set of movement had actually being used and successfully implemented (eg:MXPX). Nothing new really when it come to punk and religion being fused together. Butt. Butt, but what make Taqwacore different from Christian Punk is that the Christian Punk is about using punk rock to preach about Christianity (basically it’s about preaching) but for taqwacore it’s about standing in the verge of punk and religion. It committed to the Islam faith but at the same time holding tight to the punk rebellion ethos. It is indeed a provocative movie and the fact that Taqwacore actually manages to becomes a real subs-punk is actually very impressive thing (though Taqwacore isn’t really that big even among the Punk muslims). Making a fun about the religious stereotypes is normal if you’re an atheist but to make fun of religious stereotype when you’re a religiously a believer on that faith is just rare and total rebel. Tqwacore itself is not the ordinary ‘religious’subculture. It stand between the verge of faith and rebellion. It ain’t like the Christ rock that urges its listener to worship god and it also not the black metal kind of music that worship satan just to piss the Christian. Taqwacore is the middle of everything.  You can say that it is the only religious punk subsculture that existed in this universe.

This movie had created quite some fuzz among punks and Islam world. There’s even a zine called Sub-Chaos from Indonesia that is dedicate to confront against this ridiculous yet awesome idea of Taqwacore. Thing about art is if you managed to  create a debate on your art then you had successfully achieving the purposed of making an art yourself. Wearing a burqa while at the same time masturbating and crossing out quranic verse. That is thought provoking as fuck. As a muslim myself, even writing that that kind of shit in the same sentences had manages to sent an anxious signal in my brain..

I really wanna explore more on some plot of this movie. To touch on the things that cause such an outrage on the muslim punk community but sadly my hard-disk in which where I store the movie is not functioning so the hell with that (illegally download movie is life bro!). Just fucking watch it own your own and try to be critically conscious about it. It’s a movie anyway. Though that shit may be wrong but try to see it in a different perspectives. Question about it. What’s make its wrong. Are you disagreeing with it because they colored their hair or you just being ignorant to it. This shit was not being made for you to follow or being angry but to question your mind.  Also try to enjoy it  because this movie rock. Kaf’r!!

Now you should answered my scream by saying: Dajjal!!!!


Article was shit, word was all over the place will edit it when i’m less lazy…


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