[Bleurgh] Prof had found this definition in prof textbook: Noise~ a form that interfere a process of communication and usually being diminished by our thought processes. .


blurrrrrr-ry face

And from those defi Prof believes that noise is not just an ‘interference’ but a form of escapism. It is the purest and most natural drug that we tend to take for granted. It exist in forms of sound (guitar distortion, leaves rustling), visual (grain in pic, image distort) and even literature ( broken grammar n vocab). We think that the sound of car passing by us is ruining our conversation but the truth is the noise actually try to take us away from that particular conversation that we’re having.

Noise take us away from the social dogma. Unlike the conventional definition of beauty that hold onto the concept of harmony Noise on the other hand destroy it. And that is why an interference nauseated us – our butt was glued onto the chair of social dogma on the first day that we’re born.
Despite its ugliness we can’t help but be attracted by it bicoz in this growing complex world that we’re living in all we need is a form of escapism. It is however important for us to not rely too much on Noise because an over-consumption of drug will create a -ve impact tu ur soul.

PS: One can also view it as a form of surrealism.

sincerely, PROF ___________


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