NAJIB YOUTH: He’s the Villain that Punks Deserves

Taken from Second issue:

Every  epic saga or story need a plots to make it interesting. Something that kickstart this whole journey into  becoming a legendary tales that will always be remembered. Some need a villain (or better yet a supervillain).. Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa had Garuda as a villain that lead to the journey to the discovery of Kedah. Harry Potter had no-nose Voldermort that kickstart the whole story and Fight Club had the never ending ‘consumerist lifestyles’ that cause the narrator to develop multiple personality disorder (in which his own self becomes the enemy). The villain can exist in various forms, a story without a villain/struggle would not be a thrilling story.

In real life a villain is also needed in to make when it came to storytelling. Life is truthfully a boring cycle but when a narration is needed a plot need to be created. And the same goes to punk.


Do you know what is the similarities 09403plbetween Margaret Tatcher and Ronald Reagan. The first similarities that can be derived is they’re both had becomes the prime minister to their own country and the second is they’re both living in the time when punks really in need for some supervillain to be dealt with.. It’s a known fact, most of the important development in ‘punk community history’ need to start from something.. Bikini Kill had the women oppression that lead to becomes Riot Grrrl movement while Minor Threat had the strong violence that soon led to Straight Edge ideology.. Heck, even Sex Pistols had their own beloved Queen Elizabeth.. This is where the Reagan and Tatcher function really came. Well boys they’re the cause of all this shit that had been going on in punks (you can say that punk need them in order to thrives)..

At the early stages of PUNK it was all just a forms of rebellion music that filled with teenage angst that want to rebels. It wasn’t until they had found the real target to be blame that punk finally achieve the recognition as a forms of rebellion for social justices. The 80’s American punk scene would turn out to becomes a totally different scene without Ronald Reagan in thrones and I think anyone can agree how crucial it was the relationship between Tatcher (and her Falkland War) with Crass. The existences of this villain had created the senses of realism for punks continue to fight through musics.. (imagine if California Uber Ales is only about some Orwellian Big Brother systems… sure it’s still cool but that connection with the real life events that make it an even better song (a 101 lessons on writing good punk songs my friend is to created something that is relatable to your demographic [local] listeners). DK and D.O.A might not be that kind of interesting without Reagan. it is indeed true that pimples, getting laid, friendship and hippies can also be an issues but nothing kick harder than a real good supervillain. A punk with no direction is no fun la abang kakak sekalian. We need a target and goals in life dude..


In local context of Malaysia, the punks had always seems to not having much of a clear ‘main supervillain’ to be dealt with. When Mahathir was in thrones there’re not much news about rebellion from the punk perspectives and evidences to be found (or it may had been lost from history. Some of this veteran punks in our country really need to make a depth documentation of these past local punk movement).

In a way maybe because the 90s was the era when punk (the whole underground music) is still in the sense of developing and assimilating this cultures so there’re not much attention being given in local context (I don’t know la bro, I was born in the late 90s so I don’t think I have the voice to talk about this)..

The next prime minister Badawi the sense of realism in punk is also quite low. Mainly because Badawi is a cutie pie and his times on the throne was really shorts (still DDT manages to make a badass songs about him called ‘Suara Kami’).

Then came this trust fund boy to complete the prophecy of the RAHMAN letters (R:rahman, A;abdul Razak, H:Hussein Onn,M:mahathir, A; Abdullah badawi and N; Najib)… thanks to Mahathir’s reign this baddie manages to transcends as what would be the worst prime minister that ever exist in Malaysia history. Scandals, corruption. Fuck yeah! This freakin Malaysian Official 1 is  the most  brutal dumbass that had ever lives in this Bolehland. Yahoooo!

Sidetrack: R.A.H.M.A.N~ coincidence // does god really exist?

This is the times for our punks to shines my dearly punks. As a land that is still filled with conservatives values and stupidity Malaysian had always never agrees  on something. If there’s any silver lining on Najib shiningly talent  it would be he had make us Malaysian agree that he  is the worst leader (far worse then Mahathir’s era).. (and yes, there’re still many idiots that support Najib )..

Just like how Pussy Riot become a legendary name due to their crazy shenanigans to fight the well known dark forces  of Putin I really think  us  as Malaysian should put our senses together and start doing something.  You can sing as many songs about war that you want but when DDT sings about the fall of Najib in their song in Turun Najib Turun that shit tell me if that shit doesn’t hit right into your ears like a lullaby (despite the recording sound lack  the ‘ummph!’ feels to it).

Malaysian nowadays had reach its ultimate highlight status with Najib’s corruption being highlight. There’s nothing better for us punk wannabe to do but act fast and used this free publicity.  Stop singing about some bullshit war goddammit and try to see it from the  local view if you want to be political. This is the moment that every punk movement had been waiting.  The biggest success as of for now is Fahmi Reza through his satirical medium. But don’t just follow Fahmi’s way (if you only follow it blindly you just being trendy bro). Used your own crazy guerilla way. God had sent us this assholes for a reason. It is not just about bringing back or make punk trendy again but as a catalyst to  ‘punk’ biggest potential (how far we can bring punk). Fight your own way. Compose some song, give away free newsletters on the streets, spray some shit beautifully on the wall, manipulated this issue to bring more people into punk politics. What’s the point of trying to become political if the only thing that you can do is singing about political shit in Rumah Api. That’s way too redundant bro. get out and sing that shit on the streets.  Show what is the real punk that you proudly called yourself. It ain’t selling out if you want to express your voices to a bigger crowd of people, it is a brilliant move!.

For me, Najib is the worst person on the earth. He make a Black Metal tyrant like Abbath of Immortal look like a puss (O Abbath, how the world has changed. We’re no longer the tyrants that guard the land as we should have been ). Our PukiMak (PM) is an arrogant bastard that drown in power. If Tatcher and Reagan are the entity that start punk I think Najib should be considered as the next supervillain that can re-started punk. What’re you waiting for dumbass. Do something fast!!!! Pull a gun or guitar. Take a pencil or spray can. Make Punk a threat again.

Try to show that punk is not just the place for you to get drunk or whining. What’s the point of being ‘alternative’ if punk can’t give a threat to the society. Get out from that bunker and be wild. Creates something.  Iron Reagan? Trash supergroup my ass! We should make our own local supergroup called Iron Najib. Forget about ‘California uber alles’ , someone should created  a song about ‘Putrajaya Uber Alles’. As one of the last remaining messiah to the ‘eternal voices of punk’ I had been told to tell you to creates something out of this mess. Now you blind followers shall follow my order: DO IT!




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