Lo punks hear me out. Do not strive for the punk way of life as thy may end up being the victims of punk bullshit dogmatic way of life instead..

Be a man of reason instead of following the latest ‘non conforming’ trends.

What’s the point for thy to be into punk but only conform to one set of rule.

As THE ADICTS said..

Open your window,

Open your door,

Open up yer mind to the freedom of thought

Donald Pleasence and Peter Cushing in 1984 1954


Literally revolution has two meaning : an instance of revolving and a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system  Technically it meant  fundamental change in political power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time when the population rises up in revolt against the current authorities. And that is my dear readers an information that had been copied from the google search engine. Kerja senang..

Flip up every single page in history textbook or wiki pages and you’ll learn that with every revolution will come a new order to replace it. A new system that shall replace the old one to control the animalistic nature of human beings. Surely it is a mother nature work indeed as an order which differentiates an organized and unorganized society (this is why the utopian ideology of anarchism is a system and not just some nihilistic/hedonistic values that the mainstream view wants you to believe). The same goes with the entity of punk. it is still a thing that can be argued till this very day but for the sake of narrative punk rock can be said to originated from the old hippies movement: a tamer version of punk that is now mainly known for its rejection on conventional values and its abusive hallucinogenic substance use (drug is good !)

And like the hippies movement itself punk started as a form of music with name like Ramones as the biggest influence in the music. With their minimalistic and simpler style of rock (some would view it as a form of de-evolution of its music) the band had open the door for lots of untalented youngster to venture into the world of Punk Rock. This is a really important aspect that what made punk became the movement that it is known today. The ‘learn three chords and go start a band’ ethos had help the emphasization of expression rather than musical technicality in composing a band. Everyone can make a band as long as they wish to play.

These young mind started to incorporated their thought onto the lyrics. The issues of war, corruption and the oppressive conservatives values of the ol time had pushed these younglings (yup, we’re all a bunch of young Jedi) for something new. The need for changes and the urge to speak up their voices was the main reason why Punk is not just a subcultures but also a movement. The reason was no longer just about playing music but also to speak. A way for them to rebel against the old order and the medium for them to speak up their minds on any issues that they want. Punk Rock was no longer a medium for people to churn out their creativity outward but also as the place for them to really speak out. And for that reason punk rock had become one

of the most transparent subculture that had ever being created in the past. It is indeed true that punk had evolved into a movement that signifies the failure of the western value at the time.


Over the years the punks had searching for an alternative way of the ol age had lead them to left wing movement. Crass with their strong anarchistic value and The Clash with their socialist idea. Punk movement had being a good template for them to speak. Now surely a left wing ideology is a great template to counteract the old conservative value but it is still important for us to remember that the ultimate way of life is the balance between the two. So that is why at its early days despite the leftish tendencies punk rock is still an open space for people to speak (be it nihilistic, conservatives or apolitical). Punk rock was a heaven..

And tragedy strikes onto this beautiful entity of  punk.


Winston & Julia

Tragedy, an aspect that Shakespeare was known for throughout his career as a writer. And what is tragedy? Tragedy in summary can be concluded as an event that signifies the downfall of a story plot. The thing that makes us feel distress on it. Wanna know more: Google it on your own


Imitation was what humans is known for. The survival instinct to cope with the society pressure. After years of same ol imitation the punk scene seems to find its own comfort zone till the point that the particular view seems to become a form of dogma that must be followed. In this day and age when we talk about the punk movement most of us would view it as a form of ‘anarchistic’ branch of movement or the ‘pejuang hak rakyat’ kind of bullshit.. Now let me tell you that it was a poisonous thing to put the stereotypes onto this kind of holy movement. A poisonous lies that were told by the over the years. Punk is not about being a left winger nor anarchistic/Marxist in any way. It is the route for the young to speak up. A safe space for the misfits.  You can speak about your racist and sexist view.. Embrace hedonism and be apolitical if you like. Punk should be a blank slate for people to freely think –not the other way around. Punk was never a social justice movement, if it is then perhaps it is individualism is the only driving force behind it. A movement that allows creativity and free speech through its emphasization on DIY ethos.

And surely my dear readers, it is indeed that the era of punks that we’re living in nowadays is the era of tragedy where the younglings were forced to follow every blasphemy that were spoken to them by the most dominant voices in the movement. The words that came out of their mouth is nothing but a copycat that had being previously washed towards them. Nothing is constructive, they’re merely a blind followers. It is sad to see someone being forced to follow a certain idea and music in order to gain some superficial title as punk (and this particular issue is the thing that drives me to wrote The Poseurism Manifesto in the first place).

Fak, Writer’s block sememangnya pundek.

Surely you would heard those cunts chanting about ‘all cops are bastard’ or ‘smash the system’ rigorously while trying to speak out of the injustice that were held onto them. Sometimes I would wonder if their slogan were being spoken with a rationality behind it. “Burn the police” they said. Does they know the implication of a police state onto a society. The disruption and chaos that will ensued.. No they probably not. They’re nothing but a robot that had being programmed by the great ‘punk senior’ on how to think. A ‘politically correct’ viruses that is spreading. I’m not supporting nor trying to tell you to kiss a police butt  (though I do have my own opinion on this issue), it is the importance of critical thinking is what I’m trying to emphasize.


And people may tell you that being punk is about being non conformist. Well the question still remained: what would happened when a group of people choose to rebel against the A idea. Does that make the second option which is B is a non conformist idea? Surely the answer is not especially when the idea is being followed for the sake of trends. That group of person is still a conformist at the end of the day. Because when everyone thinks like everyone else it can signify anything that you want but irrefutably it is the opposite of diversity.


The surest way of ruining a youth is to teach him to respect those who think as he does more highly than those who think differently from him. -Friedrich Nietzsche, Daybreak-


As I’m slowly moving into the local (Malaysia) territory of Punk and being given the chances to take a peek into it I found that this movement seems to be quite boring. . Everything seems to be quite dull with this non stop rhetoric bullshit being thrown onto my face. Anarchy this and social justice that.. At times it seems like being a punk is like committing to a religion. A self righteous religion. It came to a point that I wonder if punk really is a subversive movement as it proclaim(ed) to be. Punk is no longer a blank slate as it used to be, it is now a movement being fueled with romanticism and aesthetics. The holy grail of pretentiousness.


All of us have our own stance on every subjects and issues but that does not mean it is your right to force others to abide. If there’s anything that we can learn from punk is that its ability to provide a different people’s perspectives on life. The Punk subculture has opened a lot of doors for me personally into the study of human nature. From GG outburst nihilism to Crass practical interpretation of anarchism.. And the unification of punk into a dull movement of anarchism and left wing bullshits destroy the beauty that punk had originally laid out.. What’s the point for the Do it Yourself ethos to exist if it must conform with the anti-fascism sentiment. The feud and clash between everyone should never stop in order for punk to remain as an open stage for people to speak and creatively explore.


though it is true that punk is now a culture of crustiest patches and ‘anarchy is my life’ I still believe that it holds the key for the freedom of expression. So speak up my dearly beloved Malaysian.. You’re a racist.. Goddam man tell us why you’re a racist.. Hey lil boy, so patriarchy was what you believes in eh. So what are you waiting for.. Fucking rip that vocal chord of yours by speaking out your voices to those self proclaim ‘feminist’ womyn. The freedom is yours. To be able to think is not a crime and the same goes with expression. your voices is not a form of oppression –it is merely a way for us to be engaged with one another. Educate yourself and others. If both of you can’t seems to find agreement between one another then just goes on with your own life. To be able to speak does not mean that you’ve the right to discriminate. Educate yourself and others. It is a two way of learning.


So it is true that punk has now evolved into a whole new set of system. But the question still remains. Is this the right path that punk need to be.. Is politically correct left wing facist hating ideology is the answer to a perfect utopia that punk rockers had long to create. Does sacrificing the freedom to have an individual idea is the key solution to it. If you asked me then surely as a poseur I would say that the world of punk needs to stay transparent in order to provide the space for us to continue having an argument. But hey, imma a poseur dude.. Kau budak punk yang true patut menyelesaikan persoalan ini..


published: MARCH 2017



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