FIRST OFF ALL, let me remind you that this was written for a zine, a shitty punk zine that is.  the quality in the writing is seriously shit and it is seriously evident in how the (factual) research was done. I decide to keep this article in its original condition as a reminder to how shit me-self was.

seriously though, the delivarence of this article is shit

Why do we need to smokes.23795461_1401704486595182_1870098850826720006_n

In 2016 it is estimated that the human population on earth is over 7.4 billion with 31 million people lives in Malaysia. This increased of human population will soon lead to overpopulation. that mean the poverty and the economic gap between the rich and poor would becomes wider. Recession  is a problem and the food shortage and environmental degradation will soon becomes a polemic. An investable doom is coming towards us and it is our job to take action. ..

Decades ago we had wars as a way to control the human population and it is an incredible work– I guess that is why American love to play the war game. Bbut one thing that war bring is mental suffering and trauma and we do not want that. By removing war from the option and great medical achievement it seems like we’ll never see any decrease in the rate of growth of a human population in the near futures. There’re several methods that had been introduced in order to control this such as family planning (eg:one child policy in China), LGBT practices and abortions but in the country of Malaysia where LGBT and abortion is still illegal and considered as taboo we need to find a newer approach. To start a race war can’t be the solution because you know with this Malaysians. It would take years to recover from the damages of the this particular war. Till these days we still keeps rambling on 13 May incident that apparently happened in 1969. Massacre is out. yup, the only solution is for us human to smoke.

A study in America estimated that over 480,000 death due to smoking occurs each years. A cigarettes known to had 43 carcinogen and over 400 dangerous toxin that can lead to many disease and cancer.  Even the well known World Health Organization (WHO) considered smoking as a ‘silent killer’. A silent killer. That’s it. We need to smoke as much as we can in order to kill as many people as we could. I’m not kidding. This is no pseudo-science mumbo jumbo. There’s a very believable sources of articles that I’d read that said a smoker life expectancy is less than 10 years than a non smokers. Imagine what kind of damaged we can do if we smoke a cigarettes in an closed space. We can created a big impact bro. you know with this ‘secondary smokers’ things.  It is a known fact that the ‘secondhand smokers’ had an equal chances to develop cancer as the firsthand smokers. Smoke in  public. If you seeing a pregnant woman then I urges you to blow the smoke right into her nose. You’re killing two bird with one stone right there my comrade. Do not be worried as the child might  be another assholes in the future anyway. People might argue that the child might be a good person that bring changes to us but that is the beauty of it. We never know so just let those children die. The less people born on earth the better the society would be. One thing for certain is by giving these people cancer we had lessen the time for them to suffer more on earth.

So to any smokers out there, this is a call to you. Smoke as much as you can and if possible smoke when peoples are around you. Contribute to the society bro.. Do not vape. That shit is lame af, smoke some tobacco for fuck sake. Smoking is the solution to human population planning. For those who choose not to smoke don’t  try to bother someone who is smoking nor asking them to stop smoking. They’re contributing to society bro. if you’re cheap ass person then buy some John or Saat. Gudang Garam is great.  Some ‘rokok daun’ is also cool.. Smoke that shit. From this day onward I urges you to smokes. Let start a new campaign. A smoking campaign. A pack a day would be great. Bum people a free cigarette. Took a pic of  you smoking and post it on social media. Create a cool hashtag for it. Make sure it look cool in order to attract those wannabe child to also smoke. Spread the awareness on how important it is for us to smoke.



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