t’was  ——————- it is


‘parenting class’ mur wrinkly ass. life is doom. like there’s a chance for the young jedis to  grow.

In-clusitivity. discarded i guess. i do not really know — like a big block of wall -DROP>

a blood gushing temperament. shaping illusion through security. an undisturbed territory. secured, isolated — shit. guess it always goes down to two dotty line enigma — “the pursuit’ and ‘security’. dont kno, somehow i prefer security. life is meaningless anyway. togetherness, as a the tipping point of insanity. a glimpse look at the reality of oneself. communication create a realization at how isolate one is. thus. retaliation. cause some sort of phobia. afraid of one’s own reflection.

dismembered tranquility. chambered in a tight clenching sphincter of an anus. redundancies. a p[re]tentious meat beater. complexity – of a discarded figurines.

time is sprinting. chase. a never-ending anxiety. an inept nature. Yes, Perhaps, that desire and need sit in the mid of a blurry line. yellow and skirmish. it will come. an un-bend-able fate. to run, sure it did. bad-ly


hey look, a mem’ry (damaged n distant).jpg

amnesty seeking.
ef the highest seat..

eh.. made me wonder. subversive.. rebel-rebel. what’s the point of it. are we revolting or are we just moving through cycle. the circle? we try to turned it down.. 18—36. chaos theory- a perceivable equation. all moving and tied onto one another. is it a circle or was it sphere. the next dimension? eh. prospect: the answer will always be simpler than the question itself. why give f. when it come to subversion to me the goal is not to fight for ‘righteousness’ but only and only IGNORANCE. the right of not giving a fuck is a fuckin privilege. a simpler life it is. there’s a reason to why uniformity exist. to evolve is to be in uniform. rainbow is shit – it was the state of revolving. it was why religien was made after all. to control. controll. so give Zach a fuckin back flip cause what a dumbass he is.

slanted slab.
dwelling in the past.
dread. twisting dread.
a mighty abstract shift through the horizon.
triangle-lize illumination
screech sneez


[worth. huh. what worth is it]

how twisted it is for life to must have a purpose. an ultimate shape of direction. Yet, the uncertainties remain (question – doubt – critic) and it all goes to coincidence. perception / reality – two word with itss very own definition yet still being viewed as one. belief – belief – belittle. seize the day — one step at a time — as we wait for the damnation. question after one another. would it be better for the truth to just be revealed or was this decision of ambiguity is the right one. A centuries ol debate but the answer can only be found in the abstract shape of what we call as One. the so called Just. Justifier of the whole action – the cause of existence. is it really one or is it just want. A homophonic misunderstanding. The clock is ticking. tick – tick – ticklish. Just a simple joke. A game-play. A life.



you work fucking hard for it.
all it take is just one slip for it to destroy.

breed for the sake of breeding — conceptually blind — greed, hurhhhh



the 4th dimensional being. to wrap urself. huh… life is shit. why give shit.


in all honesty.. masquerading is the key.

sink in —blurry — burning time. jezz, how fucking boring. virtuosity as he would think but pretending to be deep is what he is. smirky smile — laughing at a glass — murky glass. yet the light still reflect — fra(cture)ternized into pieces of puzzles — throw.


was it even worth it – the never ending screech – six two five – bamboozle



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