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CS: Now tell me dear sir. Which diagram is far more satanic to you. I don’t know about you but for me diagram B is a cute pic. Yup, Abbath’s corpse mask is nothing compared to the real life devilish monster. Reality is a horrifying entity which is why we tend to choose to escape into fantasy.  (ps: gambar sekadar hiasan dan contoh –  tidak melibatkan yang hidup atau yang telah mati)


This is war.. Huh. Wow!


Mastika: the holy sensationalism tabloid.

Black-fuckin-Metal dude, we all remember that tragedy of besi hitam (as I would like it to be name) in 2004 when Malaysian were shocked by the raid happening at Paul’s Place on allegation that the venue was organizing a black metal gig. I was 8 years old at that time and I remember the fuzz that had being created by it thanks to the tabloid like Harian Metro and Mastika as the main propaganda machine to spread the idea that black metal is an entities that corrupt youth minds. It was probably the greatest scheme by that had ever being pulled by the mainstream media, the besi hitam era is the darkest era for the underground music scene and the ripple of it can be seen till this very day. The shit really do hit the fan. Punk rock and the alternative music is no longer a trend among the youth.. The flourishing underground movement started to become what the name meant, an underground scene.


So what made this propaganda to really do work in sparking hate among on the alternative music scene is the nature of the genre itself. Black metal is a genre that was known for its extreme portrayal of satanic imaginary and lyrical content. Surely this is the best answer to scare the local religious authority (and society itself) of the danger that music can give. Well dude, that is the perks of living among the simpleton Islamist..  But the real question, is black metal really is satanic and can corrupt the youth minds as it had being portrayed by the great Mastika… for me the answer is HELL NO!

further reading:

1] In League With Satan? — The Malaysian Black Metal Ban

2] The Rag that Start it All : scanned of Mastika pages.


So what is Black Metal? In musical perspective BM is a form of extreme subgenre under Metal music.. Blast beat drum, tremolo picking  in heavy distortion and shreaking vocals that singing satanic lyric. Well, I’m not that familiar with this particular genre.. It is still a derivation of metal music and as someone that never give a damn fuck about technicality I can’t really elaborate much on the style of its music.. If you want to know more my advise for you would be to just fukkin GOOGLE it on your own. So put this zine down and open up yer phone my dear readers. To tell you the truth as a punk rock aficionados I find metal to be quite boring. Yes, trash metal band might be fun but I wouldn’t be wasting more than 30 minutes on it. Don’t know why but. all and all I will never be a metalhead (not now, not even in the future). Black metal however is something that is quite special for me. Especially Burzum.. Gotta fucking love Burzum dude.


With satanic lyricism being the main aspect of this particular subgenres surely you mom might think that this particular subgenres is bad to your as it might deviate you from the ‘true way of Islam’..  Well I urges you to slap your mom in the face and tell her if that is her only point of argument then she should not feel worried at all because firstly it is true that the lyricism might be filled with satanic and demonic worship value but it was nothing more than a bedtime stories (for me personally and hopefully you as well).. Why? Because it talk about the devil and mysticism for fuck sake and admitting the existences of hell also meant that heaven also exist (these two need to exist – duality ffs). If the lyricism revolves on science and atheism than surely it was a different thing. That shit can really do fuck’up youth mind but for a black metal lyric at worst is just some paganism poetic word, nothing more than that. The main enemy of catholic church during the Renaissance era was not witch nor wizard but the scientist and philosophers. . As my ostaz once said: those who believe in Jahannam surely cannot be corrupted (wise word indeed). So tell your mom that listening to satanic lyricism is like listening to Nasyid in a reverse-psychology kind of way. Satan help to remind you that God exist..

Hawau-baut that? Okay dude, I know that this is not a good point to be laid out  but it will help your idiotic mom to shut her mouth for a second.. Also, with the shrieking and screaming no one would understand what the vocalist sings. Listening to Black Metal is like listening to K-Pop. Calm down you macho metal fukk, at least this reduce Black Metal to only hedonism level and not ‘satanic music’ that your mom think it was ( art of persuasion my boi). Add this point into your already genius argument to show to those religious authority that BM is no more than just a bunch of dude that love to wear makeup and sharing stories in an unconventional way..


But for real though, that Besi Hitam incidenct back in 2004 is kinda bullshit to me as I don’t think that it is a form of threat to the Islamic society. If anything Black Metal is kinda cute. It was no more than a bunch of dudes that love to play dress up and writing some horror story.. Why should you be scared by that, that bearded and fat greasy man with red syrup all over his body is actually cute. Let me ask you, are you going to be scared by a man cosplaying as Ryuk from Death Note.. Surely not bruh… At least for us Malaysian. We’re born in a different culture. For westerners it is zombie that scared them and us Malaysian.. Jin and ghost I guess. Corpse paint is a joke and those islamist cunts should put their tetek on cold ice for a minute. Chill your tetek dear auntie and let them play with their costume. Justice for the kvlt cosplayer!


So let me tell you something about me, I’m not a fan of heavy metal. That technicality and scales shit, it was not really my thing. I’ll never be a metalhead for sure. However, there’s one particular subgenre in metal that I find really interesting which is Black Metal. Maybe it was due to the fact that Black Metal is more punk than actually being metal.


As a young boy I used to have a very simple minded view on punk rock music. I used to think punk as the portal for emotional releases (anger specifically).. The reason why a hardcore punk frontman angrily sing is to speak out his voice. A mean to expresses his dissatisfaction on world.

BM for me is a form of human expression being driven from a deeper part of subconcious. Unlike metalcore (fuckin hate metalcore) that growl to look cool and ’badass’ a BM vocalist style of singing is very distinctive. It was not just nonsensical screaming, there’s a sense of insanity in the vocal. A sense of frustration toward life till the point it nearing schizophrenic nature of life. [Just fuckin listen to Leviathan ]. That was the 13 years old me btw, a boy that don’t know jack-shit how to describe music. I described punk as anger while black metal is insanity -if a hardcore punk were a bunch of angry dudes then Black Metal vocalist a bunch of crazy dudes. That was the retarded younger me, my view toward punk rock surely had changed but as for the black metal it is in a way still valid. BM is still in a way a form of insanity to me rather than evil and satan.

On a serious note though I do think that BM is not just a subset of metal genre. There’s something more that lies behind it. Heck, even the origin of the music itself will tell you that black metal started as a more punk-rock-ish kind of movement. The early goal of the BM community was not about being satanic but more of trying to piss off the conservatives –it was the media sensationalism that cause Satanism to actually exist in Black Metal community (the irony –same goes with the association in Skinhead and nazi ideology-all thanks to the media). Even the simplicity and lo-fi aesthetics of BM itself is totally different than most metal genre that put more emphasization on clean and technicality bullshit. Black Metal back in those day were about deconstructing the rock&roll back to its basic, heavily rely on shock culture, play really fast and trying to piss the Christianity institution by singing about satan.. That is all what punk meant. So call me a faggot or an idiot for proposing such ridiculous statement but I personally believes that BM is no more than a child of Punk Rock. So excused me every metalhead in this whole wide world of internet as I’m about to rewrite the musical history. Here we go: Black Metal is punk. Phew, going to get a lot of heat from this..

Now, the answer that you’re waiting for.. Pak Lebai back in those days were wrong when they said that Black Metal is a threat to young Islamic Youth..The reality is it is Punk Rock that is actually the real serpent in the biblical scripture. Think about it dude, Black Metal is no more than a kid taunting his classmates in order to get reaction from them.. Punk Rock on the other hand is like a Trojan horse.. Slowly brain washed your brain from the inside with its so called social justice shit and liberalism being mixed together. Unlike BM that speak of total extremism punk rock teach you some good value in its lyricism while at the same time teaching you that religion does not exist, government and religious constitution is an oppressive form to human nature, gay is okay and should be embraced.  It speak that secularism and liberalism is a good thing. The muslim community need to remember that ‘kafr’ is not the real threat to Islam but the ‘munafik’. The serpent is the one that cause Adam and Eve being sent down to earth. Now Black Metal… eh, that shit is nothing to be fear ah bro. hedonism.


Now think about it ya muslim fuck, go to a gig and look at the amount of punk that considered themselves as a muslim and still supported LGBT right. Now I am not really that big fan of BM so I don’t really follow the BM community in Malaysia but from the story that I’d  heard most of the BM community/fan is actually religious as fuck (do correct me if I’m wrong –this is just something that I’d heard). That is the thing that happened when that shit is too extreme till the point it become a notion of ‘muzik adalah muzik, agama adalah agama’ or as Fat Mike would describe ‘the separation of church and skate’. Balanced is needed in order for an idea to be strongly implemented, I don’t see that shit happening in BM –and take this as a note my dear punk rockers, balanced is important for you to spread your ideology. Be a goddam trojan horse. Surely as a muslim you might think that punk had laid out some goodness but the truth remain. As an idea Punk is by far the most dangerous threat to muslim that is well known for its fundamental attitude..

Fullscreen capture 1182017 11228 PM.bmp

fundamental = purist = true (trve) = kvlt

Calm down sedara sedari, it’s not that I’m trying to say that punk rock is evil or wrong. That is a gay-ass shit to say even for this pretentious edgelord himself. This zine is not preaching you to hate punk rock or anything (but if you wanna do then do it –choice is yours). The truth is  I believes in acknowledging the nature of the thing that we’re embracing. Don’t be like those bullshit punks that write a book saying punk is good and great because in reality by religious standard Punk Rock is far more badass and evil than Black Metal. Embraces the nature of punk rock and screw those people that trying to sing sweet melodies of ‘punk itu indah’ [yup, apparently punk is like a religion now. ‘islam itu indah’ my ass]. Punk is a world filled with chaos and it is a ‘punk sin’ for you to rewrite that shit out.


The conclusion that I would like to point out from this nonsense article is that those Lebai and Ustaz had made a wrong mistake when they choose to desensitize black metal instead of Punk. puih. Ha-ha


Now crank that volume to its max and listened to Filosofem by Burzum. You’ll not going to turned into a devil. Trust me because I am your true messiah.






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