I frickin love our Prime Minister (PM) Najib RazaK. That childish stupidity and arrogance of his is what us Malaysian punk needed. A goddamn antagonis. The Margaret Thatcher to Crass and Ronald Reagan to Dead Kennedys,

We Malaysian may  came from different race and being raised in different cultural background, belief and moral compasses but one thing that every ‘rational’ Malaysian would  agree is that the prime minister of ours is a one fine old fuckeroo. You can say that he is the number one villain that we need to get rid of. That is the thing that punk need the most. A source of purposed and sense of identity. For us to tell our very own self that ” what i’m doing now is not just trying to live the glory era Sex Pistols, what i do with punk is not just a mere imitation”.

Yurp, think about this. Smoking Dunhill and Marlboro is no longer a hip thing to do. John, Saat and Gudang Garam (Surya) is a better brands of cigarretes among us dirt poor working classes. Superficiality and unrealistic portrayal of media is getting a bit of boring. People. this cheap tembakau is now a symbol of Malaysian working class struggles. Instead of adopting/imitating the whole culture as a rock and roll pursuit way of life i (and many other as well) believe that we should instead assimilate it. This is the reason why Dum Dum Tak and Fahmi Reza to me are the perfect embodiment of Malaysian punk; the  benchmark of what us malaysian-punk-wannabes should be which is to use punk just not as a way to look hip but also as a template for us to critic the local issues.


Surya is cool


And thus is a bit of an understanding of Trypophobia persona, to promote criticism of our surrounding. as Bruce Wayne in Nolan’s Dark Knight once said in relation to the reason why he used Bat as his persona “I want my enemy to be scared by what I’m scared” (fukkyeh Bruce!). NOW! for that reason and in order to be as cool as our dearest Batman i had elected our lovely PM as our main mascot (yup, apa kau ingat McD je ada mascot) in order to spark anger and self expression among Malaysian punk.




His face is a work of art I tell you brudda. I’m speaking from my experience of googling his face and let me tell you brudda.. you’ll find countless funny and punchable face expression that is easy to make fun (satire) of. So thus it was how we choose Thy Lovely President as our mascot and our ‘cover model’.


our dearest mascottt





First Vol: A punk rocker being piggy-back by Thy Lovely President while Thy Lovely President himself is flapping his hand like a bird. It was somewhat like that scene in Titanic when Jack & Rose were having their romantic “I’m Flying” moment. Quit cool concept for a first timer eh. What i tried to convey from this is to tell that us Malaysian punks should get involved and embraced our national/cultural roots  instead of trying to be the next Brit-Punks-wannabe with all of that Union Jack flag and all. One need to wave their Malaysia Flag instead of British Flag. Let’s piggyback ride onto Thy Lovely President and have a blast!

sidenote: the dude on top is the bassist of The Garrison.  I cut and paste these pics via Paint before being finalized by a friend of mine (Syahir Sageng). Dude repair the font to give a more gritty aesthetic to it. This nice gesture by Sageng had help to introduce me to the world of typography. Font is an interesting topic. fun af,




Second Vol: A parody with a twist of Dead Kennedys’s 1980 single sleeve that depicted a right wing beating up a dead student protester with a metal chair. Our  twist is by replacing  the dead protester with Thy Lovely President.  A role reversal and somewhat an allegories for the need for us to put ourselves in others shoes. The need to understand one another and acceptance. Ei boss, remember that our slogan is : Do Not Fear Irregularities. This role reversal is also an homage to DK’s unique brand of satire.

Sidenote:  the second issue was when i really started to develop and expand the idea of Trypophobia so there’s a lot of shit going on in this shitstorm of a messy issue. One of the main idea is for this issue to be somewhat of a template for potential-punk-zinester-maker. I try to make it as not aesthetically pleasing as possible for punk while still being gritty at the same time. Leaving a really bad article filled with immaturity intact and crappy layout as an example to thy kiddos to get up and start making one as well. Shitty outlook on nietzsche,erikpertersen,frank and fahmireza, a different outlook on anarchism, a wiseasswannabe that try to explain bout ‘punk logo’ that you could google it, a long ass one take article bout death of punk zine, trying to talk about current shit through review of matmoto, an outlook at Najib as the main punk villain and the whole layout. If shit falls right into the bowl then it would actually be a smoothly flow issue. Despites the way that the final copy endup being it is suprisingly a well thought zine (at least for me).



Two.Five Vol: this 20 pages issue was made while I was still finishing the third vol. Ribut Cicak message me for an urgent trade that he want to do with some Singaporean dude. Telling me to finalize the third issue on that very day. FUKKOFF, senang biliau. So i proposed to him what if i made a mini-issue. Took me like three day to made this from scratch. It was an issue of ‘filler shit’ that I would used to fill-up some empty pages so you could call this as a ‘filler issue’. Because of the short amount of production this twopointfive endup becoming the most pretentious issue that Trypophobia had made. I’m deeply ashamed with the shit layout and the wastte of potential of some articles that had been prematurely ejaculated into the crowd. No meaning and subliminal-ity in this one.Just Thy Lovely President face being paste on Grant Wood‘s infamous American Gothic.




Third Vol: Well,  just like twopointfive this issue cover do not really have a symbolical meaning to it. I was too tired and out of cool idea that is not washed-out. Just a fail attempt at Dali-aesthetic the cover was. No subliminal meaning around it which is pretty sad because I love meself some subliminal is life. But hey, no meaning in itself is a theme. An Absurd theme it is. It’s like being apolitical is equal to being political. So yeah, Still a cool assfuck cover though. By far the coolest in term of presentation.







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