butt-chair. of liberation.

the more i sunk my ugly butt onto the chair of religious worldview the more i wonder. About the meaning of absolute. About liberation.

Liberate thyself. Be free they say.

I used to think that there is something universally agreed upon by us human. The concept of freedom, justice and utopia. It all seems to be the same. How do one defined ‘LIBERATION’ is not the same. Being freely hedonistic is — liberating. Conforming to social pressure for the joy of social gratification is — liberating. To let go of the burden in life on some abstract being is — liberating. HOW DO ONE BE FREE.

With each dissonance / with each nuances / with each bullshit

is freedom itself as liberating as how it being told.

I just let it knock. continuously knocking.


being trapped is perhaps free. they will knock and forever they probably be. A safer route. Lazy was what i always be.

the irony remain: a gasp of air.


one may wonder that the holy butt may contain some precious lustful satisfaction. i digress as it may be just a lump full of shit. It was after all an ass. The drainage of all waste. No matter how divine it is. no matter how sacred it is. no matter what it is. shit is shit. shit can be drank. shit can be eaten. but shit will remain shit.


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