JAKK and the bathroom mirror

The alarm clock is ringing: waking sleepy Jack. Scratching his head, yet again a brand new day. Nature is calling, thus he went on a slow journey to the bathroom: to piss. As he close the door Jack look onto the mirror that is standing in front of him. A thought came to his mind.. Who is that man that he is now looking inside that mirror. Was it really a reflection of him or maybe there’s a whole new dimension that exist inside that mirror and the glass is the portal that connected this two dimension.. An awareness hit Jack’s conscious. The thought that what if ’reality’ lies insides those mirror and he himself is nothing more than a reflection of the man. Was his life is but a meaningless lie. Is he just a puppet that had all these years being played by that ventriloquist in front of him. stop mocking me.


second exposition

Reflection: An ambiguous concept for Jack. A shiny refraction of light. Being projected and transmitted onto his lens. Mirror always lie, each side and angle give its viewer a different outlook. Two guys looking at a mirror at the same time will not see the same image. insight. When he look onto the mirror he always know that it was the exact moment he is no longer being himself. subconsciously trying to find the best feature of his physical attribute that he like, the perfect facial expression that could reflect his emotion at that particular time. He only see what he want to see. Never once in his life he tried to see the ugly and repulsive side of his. Through a mirror he try to find the perfection of the thing that he try to embody. He is but an actor of his own pathetic worldview. It is the eyes of peoples around him that really see he for what he is. His own reflection is nothing more than his own perception of how he want the world to be. but now he realizes, and had see through the mirror.. What really defined him? What is he. He wonder..


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