APRIL 2018 Self-Report for Future Self


2016: one of the early days. me trying to find some cool shit on keyboard.

so how does it goes. I’m not really sure about it myself. It started to become somewhat of techy right now. wanting to buy this and that. that delay. that distortion. idea piling upon one another; a bullshit consumerist attitude. TBH, its not like buying shit would not help me. you do (in some ways) need to invest a hell lot of your precious ka-ching! in order to play this game. i mean, three years had past and i’m struggling to find the best way for me to upgrade the recording quality. Hurh, coming from someone that play (noise).. kind off ironic.


plug guitar into an amp > hit record button > throw guitar at wall > crappy laptop mic record the sound > hit stop button > successfully record track



2016: in the begiinning i record everything on phone. record the vid > upload on utube > mp3 download . this was days before i even knew about Audacity.

Whut a piece of shit. Worthy for my own self but not for the masses. Sure, it is after all but a pleasurable masturbation but part of me want to move out of that comfort zone. Failure is what i had determined what my life is. day by day being more accustomed with that smelly ordure. I want to push it more. “i’m worst at what i do best” but at least i wish that it still have an appeal to it for few other people.

All and all. As of April 2018 i had at least three compilation in my bandcamp account. Some tracks in it have a high possibilities to be selected into the final filteration.


three compilation

As of for now i’m trying to find a way to make drum beat (anything with tempo or beat). To give some structure to it (as of for now that is). as of for now i’m using Monotron Delay to emulate that tempo: compilation 4/21/2018.


2016: hammering onto glasses (wrapped in newspapers). early sampling method.

Really do want to buy a drum-machine but that shit is way too expensive for me. besides, spending too much money on noise kind off defeating its purpose. Noise should come naturally and as primitive as it can be (at least from the way i want this project of mine to be). Finding myself a drummer? it does come to my mind but who tefak would waste their time on this edgy project o mine. plus, it most probably going to be very difficult to choreograph.

Circuit Bend.

You know whut, fuck with living in Malaysia. I’ve few project and idea in my mind but till this very day i still cannot find the electronics that i want. When i do find it that shit end-up being way pricey. A FREAKIN 3PDT SWITCH for RM 70. (((FUCK THAT)))


Last but not least, godspeed u MUE Records for giving me such offer. I am still at an early phase right now. Still figuring shit. Still finding out. Still am a piss of shit. A cassette? goddamit. I seriously thought that dude is trying to scam me in the beginning. To make it worse I yet not (till this very day) have a name for this band/project of mine.  Whut a blessing. I guess SPINCB is whut im going to be as of for now. About Tunarungu – don’t want to smear my shit on it (though i might had already did). Dude project is surely ambitious. Urgh, really don’t want to smear my shit. enough with this cheap controversy.

[B] (17)


That’s it. I would like to end this with one of the finest crap that i had made. This was back in 2016. Not a single pedal involve. Just me, a harmonica and my crappy mic.


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