Guess what? another zine!


SUMMATION / A6 / 64 Pages

Published yet another zine. This is the last one (i promise u). SUMMATION is the name. It was originally to be name as TRYPOPHOBIA EXCERPT but i did not feel like ihave the right to use that name anymore. Besides, ‘excerpt’ is not really a good way to describe it.  It is more like a process of reconciliation instead of extraction. Hence, SUMMATION has more ring to it.

It was originally to be released in 2018 but i got too lazy and unmotivated. It is far from finished but it is better for me to release it now (April 2019) before Trypophobia while the name still has its relevancy to local zine scene. After two weeks of laziness with me digging through 140+ pages of half-baked contents i manage to compile 64 pages of content for the final version. ME PROUD.

In order to prevent republication i choose to stitch the zine instead of the normal stapler method. More steps to publishing = more lazy i will be. It was badly stitch off course to allow the zine to fall apart more easily (tho i did apply a layer of PVA glue for water resistant effect), Didn’t want it to last that very long. BTW, there’s only ten copies as i don’t have much money left with me when i want to print the colored cover.

It originally was supposed to be accompanied by a previously unpublished newsletter/pamphlet but i decide to ditch it as the content is still too raw and most importantly: QUITE EDGY. It is a piece about the justification of suicide. Too edgy. There’s only one copy that got distributed (gave it to WISH as a thank you gift for helping me distributing it).


printed version. Amateurishly sewn

The cover was taken from BOYS ON THE RUN , a really depressing movie (for me) and truly reflect the journey where i’m in. Wearing a mask, beaten up, covered in piss, running, lost, in search of something.

Well, Good Luck to you.

As always, ZINEFEST is the event where it will be unveiled, 20 April 2019 (today).


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