Moi self…



surrealism is the virtue. to fuck shit through noise, distorted/grainy imagenery, butchered literature and shit attitude.




I first made this wordpress for one reason. To preserve the Band’s Interview article that i’d previously published in my zine that was my intention. No more than that. But then i find some satisfaction in writing in it. fact: i’m nobody. No one going to click into my wordpress pages. so in a way i could write any fukkin shit that i want. this is my personal journal. the place for me to get fukkk’d. But then again it come to my concious that would be a great way for me to preserve muh article that i’d wrote in muh zine (Trypophobia). So why not. Too lazy to make yet another wordpress account. So combined both: my shitposting n my archive. that’s now the explaination. need to sleep right now. have a class in an hour. gonna re-edit when i rajin