butt-chair. of liberation.

the more i sunk my ugly butt onto the chair of religious worldview the more i wonder. About the meaning of absolute. About liberation. Liberate thyself. Be free they say. I used to think that there is something universally agreed upon by us human. The concept of freedom, justice and utopia. It all seems to…

Untwisted Gallows

so, this is how it goes. imagine a fantastic blurry assertion following you. tickling your butthole with its very own brand of bullshit. shit meeting shit. *door knock               what would you do. how would you play this game.      


The human distance that separate you and himĀ  The psyche of the holy man that sing the word of anger shit, fuck, damn -he screams He is what separate the line between the butt-crack A and butt-crack B. And the whole world will soon join him. screaming at the top of their lungs.

Butt-crack-fringers Gallery

there was a time when i’m really bored and i started drawing like crazy. Before i know it i have like two drawing book filled with my sketches.. Surely i am not a talented person but who cares dude.. that’s i………………….